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Lots of doubts

In this section we will try to solve the doubts that you can have not only about Dust Race, but also those that may arise about the vehicle, participants and development of the test.

If you’ve never participated in a raid like this, don’t worry. Here you will find the answer to some of the most frequently asked questions, that will help you to prepare your adventure and enjoy the experience. Anyway don’t be frightened, it is easier than it seems and you will always have us at your side for what you need.

If on the contrary you are already a veteran, you may want to make sure that everything is still the same or in your last adventure you came up with some doubt that you have not solved yet. Do not hesitate, contact us and we will try to solve it as well as possible.

In any case, if there is something you do not find here or is not entirely clear, at the end of this section you can send your doubts that we will respond delighted.


About the Raid

Can I participate in Dust Race?

If you’re of age, yes. Dust Race is a race designed for all types of audience, from the most amateur to the most pro, as it combines all kinds of tests, making this Raid a unique experience.

Do I need a chaperone?

Yes. There are several reasons, but the main and most important is that it’s an adventure you’ll never forget, and you’ll like to remember it with your comrades. Remember that experience amazing more than 3,000 km in the cockpit of a Peugeot 205. This gives rise to a multitude of situations, and not all will be as idyllic as we imagine.

Where's the exit?

Officially Dust Race will start in Madrid, however, there will be a second area of verifications and regrouping in southern Spain, near the port where you take the Ferry. This way the teams that are closer to this point will not have to move to Madrid.

What does the inscription include?

The price of the inscription is by equipment, that is to say, vehicle, pilot and copilot. In the price is included practically everything except the car, the fuel and the spare parts (and labor) that you need during the Raid. If you want to see more details click here.

Do I have to take care of something?

Yes, you have to take care of this piece of adventure. From the rest we take care of ourselves, or else we will give you clear indications before, during and at the end of the Raid of what you have to do.

Do you have to have experience?

Not at all. Although you will face different situations and terrain, you will see that it is easier than it seems once you catch the trick. In any case every day there will be a briefing in which the next stage will be commented. In addition you will always find us in the camp to solve all kinds of doubts that may arise. Look for the “Dust Race” Blue Jackets.

What are the prizes?

Dust Race is an amateur rally raid with solidarity, therefore there are no cash prizes. However, the first three classifieds will have a discount of 50%, 30% and 20% in the next edition, in addition to their corresponding trophy.

About vehicles

What if I don't have a car?

If you still don’t have a 205 don’t worry, you’re about to discover a new world, where the programmed obsolescence doesn’t exist, and the mechanics is simple and above all reliable.

No doubt you can find a Peugeot 205 that fits you in some of the main websites for sale of used cars as,, Autoscout or even in Wallapop, however we recommend that you search for lost villages and ask, as there are still many in circulation and it is not uncommon to find some specimen in perfect condition waiting to give him a second life.

Anyway, if yours is not the mechanics or complications, you can rent a 205 prepared for this adventure and forget everything. Contact US and we will inform you in more detail.

is preparing the car expensive?

As much as you want. I mean, you can go with a serial car, and just meet the basic requirements to participate: a pair of spare wheels, a crankcase cover and little more… You don’t need a suspension of hundreds or thousands of euros, but if you need to learn to dose and take care of the mechanics. This is what will really save you money.

is diesel or petrol better?

In fact both have advantages and disadvantages. For example gasoline has as advantages its simple mechanics, that in Morocco it is easier to find gasoline than diesel, or that the whole of the vehicle weighs less. In the case of diesel, it has as advantages its low consumption, its motor torque, or its mechanical reliability for example.

Do I need to carry spare parts?

Although it is not obligatory, it never overcomes:

  • Air and fuel filters
  • Engine oil and coolant
  • Universal gasket replacement and self-vulcanizing tape
  • Relays and fuses
  • American Tape and insulating tape
  • Flanges and Wire
  • Hardware
  • Tool Briefcase

In addition to these spare parts, you can take all the ones you want, since the ones available in camp are limited and could be exhausted.

Can I participate with a car other than a 205?

The answer is no. This edition is designed exclusively for the Peugeot 205, in any of its versions, either diesel or petrol.

The Peugeot 205 is not 4x4 will I be able to finish the race?

There is No 205 with 4 wheel drive that you can buy or rent, anyway why? It is more than proven that the Peugeot 205 moves like a jabato in the desert. You will have no problem, if perhaps a little more adventure, which is what it is. Listen to us, you’ll be surprised how the 205 moves in those conditions.

What if I have a breakdown?

During the tour you will be taken care of by the staff on track, that will help you to put the car in motion so that you can get to the next camp or you will tow to where you can be attended. In the camps you will have limited spare parts and a team of mechanics willing to help you, with very low prices. Having them in the middle of the desert gives you a lot of peace, don’t you think?

About Participants

What documentation do I need to take?

During technical verifications, you must provide the necessary documentation for you and your 205. This way we make sure we don’t have any unpleasant surprises at the border. In the case of the 205 you will have to submit a traffic permit, green letter of insurance and if the owner of the car is not one of the two members of the team, need an authorization from the owner signed before a notary. As for your personal documentation, it is sufficient to have the passport in force and that its expiration is not before the following 6 months to the date of entry in Morocco. Only a visa would be necessary if the participant was not a citizen of the European Union. Of course, at least one of the two members of the team must have the driver’s license in order.

Can you exchange pilot and copilot?

As long as you both have the driver’s license in order, there’s no problem. It is not compulsory for the pilot to always drive. You can exchange them whenever you want. It’s your decision. We recommend that both members of the team have a driver’s license, this way it is easier to fight fatigue, as you can exchange in the link sections for example.

I've never used a roadbook what if I get lost?

Dust race has that adventure component where you have to navigate to get to the next waypoint and continue the race. It’s hard to miss, though not so much that you feel lost. In any case you should know that you are being controlled by GPS at all times, and that we will never leave you. In case you stray too far from the route, we’ll let you know. In addition you can always launch a warning from the locator device you will be riding in the car during the raid.

Is the food included?

The accommodation scheme is half-board, which means that meals are on your own, while dinner and breakfast are included. This is because the food will be done during the corresponding stage, so you are free to try the local cuisine (highly recommended) or bring packed food to not have to waste much time during the links. We recommend that your baggage webs energy bars or glucose gels, which give you an extra dose of energy and are light digestion.

What if something happens to me during the raid?

Dust Race has medical assistance and accident insurance. Hopefully you never have to use it, but if necessary you will be properly attended both on track and camp, and eventually, moved back home. You worry about enjoying yourself, and be responsible behind the wheel. We’ll take care of the rest.

Do I have to get vaccinated?

No vaccine is currently required to travel to Morocco. As recommended are the tetanus, MMR and hepatitis A, however you can see clicking here. On the other hand we recommend to bring a first aid kit, with basic material to treat a small cut, and some non-prescription drugs that could come in well during the raid.

What temperatures will we find?

The truth is that today is difficult to say. The climate is changing along the route and we will have areas that could be snowy, flooded or with a scorching sun. The most important thing is to be prepared for any circumstance, to wear enough warm clothes and sunscreen. Keeping us hydrated throughout the course is extremely important. To do this you must drink a lot of water or isotonic drinks (never alcoholic, because they accelerate the dehydration) and especially protect us from the sun with sunscreen, caps and clothes that cover enough. Even if you are hot, do not spend too much time exposed to the sun without clothing that covers you, because it is totally counterproductive.

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