Dust Race

What's this?

Dust Race is a Grand Prix that combines different disciplines such as time attack, orientation, and pass special hazards, inspired by the first exploration routes, where to feel the experience of participating in an authentic rally in the purest Dakar style.

Peugeot 205

The chosen

Do not let them tell you

Live it!

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7 days

october 2021, 16th to 22nd

+ 3000km

driving a 205


and some Hotels 😉
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Tips for


If you have never participated in a rally like this, do not worry, here you will find some tips that will help you prepare this authentic adventure. In all the ways do not be scared, it's simpler than it seems and we always have your side for what you need.

How to choose a vehicle

Basically any Peugot 205 you worth, do not worry if it is diesel or gasoline. If you don’t have it yet, just choose the best fit for your pocket.

Follow the advice of the veterans

Although it seems obvious, it is not. Both during the race and before it, you will find authentic experts from which you will be able to obtain a lot of information.

Be realistic, do not want to run before walking

Sometimes things do not happen as we hope, but the enthusiasm and the desire to have fun should not decay. Don’t worry, there’s always a choice.

Lean In the Companions

If anything characterizes this type of evidence is solidarity and collaboration. Do not hesitate to ask for help, the best friendships are forged in this experience.

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