Being sincere, few are the travelers who arrive to Azrou to visit the city, as it is their cedar forests that have made the area famous.

A few meters from the cedar Gouraud you will find souvenir stands, drinks and peanuts. These last posts have created their business thanks to the hundreds of Gibraltar monkeys that inhabit the area, because people love to go “play” with macaques and feed them.

The most famous inhabitant of these forests is the great Cedar Gouraud, the largest ancient cedar of the region. Unfortunately, he died a few years ago because of a plague of Procesionarias.
Azrou Cedar Forest

You have to know that Azrou is a purely Amazigh (Berber) enclave within what is known as the Middle Atlas, famous for these forests and for the magnificent artisan work they do in wood and in the form of carpets (those that you can then buy in the Zocos of Marrakech , Fez… etc).

Once in the Cedar forest, you can make hiking trails, visit the natural monument in E that has become the Cedar Gouraud lifeless for years, but besides a fantastic wooded landscape what will catch our attention are the great macaques of Barbary Q EU have their particular kingdom in this forest, where you can see them in their more or less wild habitat.