To 35km of Rissani, 50km of Erfoud and 130 of Errachidia, one finds this impressive set of dunes, called Erg Chebbi.

It is a region with climate and desert landscape, composed of sand “erg” and Stone “Hamada”. On dry riverbeds, there are the oases in which different population centres that were originally nomads are settled. Today a small part of them still is.

This set of dunes (ERG) has a length of 22 km from north to south, 5 km wide, and its dunes have a maximum height of 150m.
Erg Chebbi

Next to the dunes, surrounded by palm trees, there are three villages. Hassi Labied to the east, which stands out for its palm grove. At 5 km to the south, it is Merzouga, which has grown in recent years thanks to the development of this type of tourism and to the agriculture. by Útlimo Khemliya, 6 km south of the previous one, which is characterized by its old population of black Africa. East of Erg Chebbi is continued with the stony Hamada, which extends towards Algeria.

Although the rain is very short and rare, in 2006 floods along the dunes destroyed many buildings and killed three people.

Merzouga is a very well organized destination in which there are abundant offers of excursions to the dunes in dromedary, TT vehicles, quads, or to practice the new sport of fashion, the “sand Board”.

Due to its customs and traditions, and particularly its musical culture, it occupies a unique place throughout the country, being inhabited by blacks from sub-Saharan Africa, who practise the celebrated folklore Gnawa.