Uarzazat or Ouarzazate also known as the Desert Gate is characterized by its variety of landscapes, the hospitality of its people, the richness and diversity of its folklore and the architectural authenticity of its habitat. Surrounded by a mountain range, it is situated at 1,160 meters altitude, Ouarzazate is born from an outpost created by the Foreign Legion in the year 1928. This city is still an important garrison town. Approximately 56,000 people live and work in Ouarzazate, which is more a departure and return point for South Travel as a destination in itself.

Ouarzazate is also known as “The Hollywood of Africa”. In the city there are several film studios among which are one of the largest in the world, the Atlas studios.
The Desert Door

Obligatory stop for all who view the Oasis route, Ouarzazate is booming in the plane of cinema as its region offers a natural landscape of great beauty for filming that makes it a great attraction for major producers and directors of cinema and OR After Hollywood movies.

This city has several film studios, where many well-known feature films have been shot even some of them Oscar winners. (Lawrence of Arabia, Kundun, Gladiator, Asterix and Obelix, tea in the Sahara, Babel…) The city counts in total, with three cinema studios and a museum.