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Registration from 11/15/2020 to 02/14/2021


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Registration from 02/15/2021 to 05/14/2021


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Registration from 05/15/2021 to 07/31/2021


Registration Opctions


Blue Arrow

Racing Team Championship

until 07/31/2021 only
  • Participate private teams that have registered at least 2 vehicles with the same team name.​
  • At each stage, the average of the results of the team members of the team is calculated and the general classification of teams is added.
  • The champion team wears the "Blue Arrow" in all its numbers of the following year.
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Golden Arrow

Individual Championship

until 07/31/2021 only
  • ALL teams participate.
  • Orientation Zones: where you will have to follow the route marked by the roadbook and virtual waypoints so as not to penalize.
  • Speed Zones: fight for every second, but be careful, if you are faster than established, you penalize twice as much.
  • Penalties for other causes: out of time control, speeding, waypoint loss, towing ...
  • Bonus Special Tests upon arrival at finish.
  • Prize to the first three classified in the General when arriving in Marrakech.
  • The absolute champion will wear the "Golden Arrow" in his dorsal the following year.
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Black Arrow

Corporate Challenge

until 07/31/2021 only
  • The teams representing companies participate, creating a competition between companies. (Not compatible with the Team Championship).
  • At each stage, the average of the results of the team members of the team is calculated and the general Corporate Challenge classification is added.
  • The champion company sports the "Black Arrow" on their bibs the following year.
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What includes?

  • Start event and raid finish ceremony.
  • Round trip ferry tickets (with open return ticket).
  • 6 nights of half-board accommodation at Morocco.
  • GPS locator device, SAP (Track Assistance System) and SOS button.
  • Online tracking of vehicle positions through the Dust Race website.
  • Healthcare and immediate intervention units.
  • Track technical assistance.
  • Provision of mechanical services and spare parts in camp.
  • Accident insurance.


  • Dust Race Winner Award.
  • Prize for second place in the General.
  • Prize for third place in the General.
  • Award to the winner of the General Classification of Specials.
  • Award for the best Dust Race team.

Other Awards

  • Special prize for aesthetics "Dust Race".
  • Pain and Suffering Award.
  • Prize for the most popular team in RRSS.
  • Prize for the best photography.

Vehicles admitted

All Peugeot 205 models will be admitted regardless of the date of manufacture, version, finish or engine (diesel or gasoline) as long as they comply with current European traffic regulations (ITV, Circulation Tax and Civil Liability Insurance).

Driver and Codriver

The driver must have a valid driver's license. In addition, both Pilot and Copilot must have a passport with an expiration of more than 6 months after the start date of the test.