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Dust Race

Dust Race is an automotive test that combines different disciplines such as regularity, orientation, timed sections and the overcoming of special tests inspired by the first exploration raids.

Un sol abrasador, noches gélidas en el desierto, tormentas de arena, fatiga y cansancio acumulado son solo algunos de los obstáculos que se añadirán a la dureza del recorrido.

¿Serás capaz de superarlo?

Along more than 3000km and the controls of your Peugeot 205, your co-driver and you will have to travel the Iberian Peninsula, cross the strait aboard a ferry and cross the hard tracks of Morocco full of dust and stones, to reach the South zone of the desert , where you’ll be waiting for the challenging sand dunes where you will have to show what you are capable of, to overcome any obstacle and get to the finish line in Marrakech…

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You will have to repair with your own means the small problems that may arise on track, shovel sand to unclog the vehicle and collaborate with the rest of teammates to get those extra horses that provide a good push full of adrenaline, and so Escape the obstacle in which you find yourself trapped for the sole purpose of getting to the end of each stage on time. Will it resist your little vehicle?

Demuestra que un simple Peugeot 205 es capaz de dejar en evidencia a los más sofisticados 4×4, pero para ello tendrás que ayudarle cuando su mecánica, cada vez más castigada por el paso de los kilómetros, empiece a mostrar síntomas de fatiga.


But there’s still more! All modern orientation systems will be banned, and you will only have a compass, a map of the area and a roadbook with the necessary indications to be able to guide you and find the path that will lead you to the goal. Driver and co-driver will have to demonstrate a perfect rapport and complicity in order not to fall into the desperation of being disoriented in the desert, traveling tens of kilometers without finding a reference with which to identify the direction that you He’ll take the camp. Will you find the way forward?

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All vehicles will be controlled via GPS by the organization and we’ll know at every moment where and how you are. However the organization will not intervene to help you unless you request it, so you will have to be equipped to solve for yourself any problem that may arise, and spend a night outdoors while you manage to escape the obstacle. However, if you are unable to solve the problem, you can always activate the “Track assistance request” device so that, under penalty, the organization will go to the rescue. In addition, your vehicle will be equipped with an SOS device that in any emergency, will immediately communicate your position and allow you to activate the protocols of immediate intervention and health care.

El dispositivo GPS permite solicitar asistencia y lanzar un S.O.S. en cualquier momento.

Recuerda que su utlización conlleva penalización.

If after all this you are able to reach the end of each stage, you will find a pleasant camp with a mechanical assistance area where, if you need it, you will be able to hire mechanical services, purchase spare parts and refuel. Meanwhile, pilot and copilot can relax enjoying a hot shower, go through the toilet, use the medical services, have a drink in the bar and enjoy a nice dinner and show, along with the rest of the participants. But remember… The next day the desert will be waiting for you again to test yourself.

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