Dust Race

The tour

The event will begin on Saturday, October 16th, 2021 in the South Center of Spain (place to be determined), where an exit event will be held in which all participants, family, friends and the general public will be able to fire the caravan of participants that they will depart for the Strait of Gibraltar, not without each team passing the administrative and technical checks to be carried out by the Organization first.

Saturday’s tour will be free, having to reach the regrouping point in the chosen southern port. There we will gather all the teams to cross the Strait, while we enjoy the journey looking face to face at the destination that awaits us on the other side. After the journey, you will receive the briefing of the first stage where you will be given some technical advice and you will be reminded how to use the roadbook.

The first contact with the roadbook arrives, with which you will have to get acquainted to reach the port and board the ferry. After a few hours of crossing and the corresponding time change, we will arrive in Morocco to, after crossing the border, start your first stage in African territory. 400km of travel in which we will have our first contact with the complicated Moroccan roads and start to enter into increasingly complicated tracks. Following the directions of the roadbook and with the help of our compass, you should try to arrive on time at the end of the stage, not without first overcoming some surprise during the tour. A very hard day where the main obstacle will be to fight tiredness.

Over the next few days we will enjoy the change of landscape that involves going ever further south of Morocco, crossing the most inhospitable places of the arid desert. In each stage you will not only have to fight against the clock to get to overcome each of the checkpoints before the set time, but you will have to overcome different timed sections, orientation and even, in some stages, passing tests specials that won’t be unveiled until the briefing of the night before.

Finally on Friday and, after passing the Tizi n’Tichka, the highest road pass in North Africa, we will reach the finish line in the city of Marrakech. After the celebration we will travel with our vehicles to one of the best hotels in the city where we can relax, and put on our best galas to enjoy dinner and the end of the race ceremony with its corresponding award ceremony that is will lengthen until our tired bodies endure.

The return to Spain will be completely free and you will have open ferry tickets that can be redeemed up to 1 month after the end of the race (in case some daring wanted to extend their stay in Morocco and do some traditional tourism). You must monitor and take care of your punished vehicles at all times to face the nearly 1300km that separate Marrakech from Madrid.


and track!