Categories and Rules

Future participants

Dust Race is a test designed for all types of audience, both the most competitive and the one who wants to live an adventure without worrying about the results. For this reason the test consists of three different categories and not necessarily incompatible with each other, but with a multitude of additional prizes. Although the best prize we can offer is the experience you are about to live, we want everyone to finish the rally with a smile from ear to ear, and why not, you can wear a trophy in their showcases.

We know that the competition and the adrenaline run through your veins, but never forget that the best prize you will receive will be the smile of a child when you help him, the experience lived, and the friendships forged based on sweat, and also some other tear.

General Rules


Blue Arrow

Teams Championship


Only Early Drivers
  • Private teams that have registered at least 2 vehicles participate.
  • In each stage, the arithmetic average of each vehicle is calculated and the general classification of the team is added
  • The champion team sports the "Blue Arrow" on all its numbers the following year
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Gold Arrow

Individual Championship


Only Early Drivers
  • ALL teams participate
  • Regularity zones: where you will have to make the exact time marked by the organization to not penalize
  • Time zones: fighting for every second
  • Penalties for other reasons: control of passing out of time, speeding, loss of waypoint, towing ...
  • Bonifiable Special Tests after arrival at goal
  • Award to the winner of each stage and to the First classified in the General when arriving in Marrakech
  • The absolute champion will wear the "Golden Arrow" on his bib the following year
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Black Arrow

Corporate Challenge


Only Early Drivers
  • The teams that represent companies participate, creating a competition between companies. (Not compatible with the Championship of Teams)
  • At each stage, the arithmetic mean of the vehicles registered by each company is calculated and added to the qualification
  • The champion company sports the "Black Arrow" in its bibs the following year.
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Admitted vehicles

All Peugeot 205 models will be admitted regardless of the date of manufacture, version, finish or motorization (diesel or petrol) as long as they comply with the European regulations in force (ITV, circulation tax and liability insurance).

Others awards

  • Special awards for the "Dust Race" aesthetic
  • Comradeship Prize
  • Award for the best photo of the Edition
  • Award to the best video of the Edition
  • Prize to the photo of the most popular camp in RRSS
  • Award for the most popular photo by stage in RRSS
  • Award for the most popular solidarity action photo in RRSS

Driver and Co-Driver

The driver of the vehicle must have a valid driver's license. In addition both Driver and Co-driver must have a passport with an expiration of more than 6 months after the start date of the test.