Dust Race is a pure competition in the reach of any fan who wants to live the experience of sleeping in the middle of the desert after a hard day at the controls of your vehicle, as a real participant of the Dakar.

Where the asphalt ends, the fun begins

Although it is a test of regularity, the scoring design makes it necessary to demonstrate skills in terms of speed, skill, navigation and of course collaboration.

At each stage we will find sections of link, sections of regularity and timed sections. You will also have to overcome specials in which you can recover points.

Dust Race is not a tourist route. Until you live an experience so you can’t explain in words what it feels like.
It’s not a rally anymore

Don’t forget that it’s a resistance race, so taking care of the mechanics and your forces will be key pieces to get to the finish line in Marrakech. Dose well each stage, because you will realize that each has its charm and special difficulty.