The development of the most depressed areas and the collaboration with the local population are our real goal. If we can also do Disftutanco as we like, there is no excuse not to do so.

Collaborative Commitment

Without commitment nothing makes sense and it is in oneself where it begins. This is the reason we open three ways of collaboration and social action.

To start each team will have to contribute at least 10kg of school material that will have to deliver along the route. It’s not too much to ask, right?, the rest we take care of us.

There is no goods that we delight if we do not share.

In addition to this, Dust Race will take care of the main social action, which helps the development of the most needy regions and those who need it most. In recent years, Morocco has been betting on training since the earliest ages, and this is a clear indicator of the commitment that its government is making. We believe that it is important to collaborate in this development.

Finally, Dust Race is working on various agreements with foundations, NGOs, and the commitment of large corporations to corporate Social responsibility.